Exchange Rate

Rates of one currency to another is quick, easy, and seamless using Kyshi. All you have to do now is ensure that your account is setup to collect the selected currency.

Note : Before making a post request, the secret key should be specified in the header.

-H "x-api-key: your_secret_key".

If the API call is successful, Kyshi returns the following response:

"status": true,
"code": 200,
"message": "Success",
"data": {
     "rate": {
        "sellRate": 4.640000000000001,
        "id": "5be1d85e-f739-4bc4-af53-52990de44b4c"
     "fee": {
        "fee": 1,
        "vat": 16,
        "allInclusiveKyshiFee": 3.9,
        "others": {},
        "id": "ba8cc2e0-fe33-455d-a262-bfe5a3b1930a",
        "type": "PERCENT"