Fetch Virtual Account Details

Get details of a Virtual Account.

You do this by making a GET request to wallets endpoint from your server.

-H "x-api-key: your_secret_key".

Path Parameters

FieldData typeDescription
accountNumberOrAccountIdstring.The Account number or account Id.

If the API call is successful, Kyshi returns the following response:

    "status": true,
    "message": "Success",
    "code": 200,    
  	"data": {
          "id": "fccd8e9f-f2ac-4752-ba60-79a97e878419",
          "accountNumber": "4700039943",
          "accountName": "Raphael Ajilore",
          "bankCode": "999999",
          "bankName": "VFD Microfinance Bank",
          "balance": 10,
          "accountCategory": "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNT",
          "accountType": "INDIVIDUAL",
          "reference": "Raphael Ajilore-EHvIqrAYIQ",
          "expiresAt": "30",
          "isPermanent": false,
          "provider": "VFD",
          "createdAt": "2024-07-08T13:18:27.789Z",
          "updatedAt": "2024-07-08T13:18:27.789Z",
          "version": 1,
          "transactions": []