Name Enquiry

Merchants can use our account verification API to verify the authenticity of a customer’s account number before paying money to them. This is to ensure that your payment is routed to the right beneficiary. To learn more about the type of accounts we can verify, please see the table below:

To verify an account number send the account number and bank code to the verify name enquiry endpoint, and the endpoint will return the customer's account information.

Query Parameters

FieldData typeRequiredDescription
bankCodestringYesName of plan
accountNamestringYesA short info describing the plan
currencystringYesSee Supported Currencies

After collecting the necessary account details. Make a GET request to our name enquiry endpoint.

Note : Before making a GET request, the secret key should be specified in the header.

-H "x-api-key: your_secret_key".

You can make API calls and all parameters are meet you would also get the response below;

    "status": true,
    "message": "Success",
    "code": 200,
    "data": {
        "accountNumber": "",
      	"accountName": "",
      	"bankCode": "",
      	"bankName": "",
      	"bvn": ""