Authenticate your API calls by including your secret key in the Authorization header of every request you make. You can manage your API keys from the dashboard.

Generally, we provide both public and secret keys. The secret keys are to be kept secret. If for any reason you believe your secret key has been compromised or you wish to reset them, you can do so from the dashboard.

For uniqueness, Test mode secret keys have the prefix sk_test_ and live mode secret keys have the prefix sk_live_. Alternatively.

Authorization headers should be in the following format: x-api-key: YOUR_SECRET_API_KEY

API requests made without authentication will fail with the status code 401: Unauthorized. All API requests must be made over HTTPS.

Secure your secret key
Do not commit your secret keys to git, or use them in client-side code.

curl https:// \
  -u sk_test_8bea30b15fbd4f31bae767239d863328: